Keyword Prominence and Proximity Explained

In this article, I am going to tell you about two important SEO ranking factors- keyword prominence and proximity. It indicates how famous your keywords are and how close are they placed on your website. We hope that after reading this article you will be able to write better content in terms of search engine optimization.

To make this article enjoyable and helpful, we use infographics and simple descriptions with examples.  If you found it helpful, please comment ‘yes’ on the comment section below. If you found it useless then comment a “No” in the comment section. It will help me to improve.

Keyword Prominence

It simply means the popularity of keywords of your website. Title, Meta, H1, H2, H3, H4  are key components of the web page. The number of times the keyword is found on those components indicates how prominent that particular keyword or, keyphrase is. Google and Bing tend to show prominent keywords1 in the top search result. When you use SEO tools or, SEO plugins on WordPress it suggests you keep keywords on those areas. Apart from those image title and image alt tag also a sign of prominence.

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    Keep Eyes on Keyword Density

    Prominent Keyword will not rank higher if you forget about density. It is suggested that you can use keyphrase once in 200 words. 4% of the whole article is considered better. I suggest you to use 1/2%. It is the best.
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    Use Synonym of Keyphrase

    It is a wonderful practice to use the synonym of the keyphrase. People use different search terms for the exactly same result. I refer to those terms as synonym, not the literal meaning.
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    Write A Longer Article To Optimize Better

    If you keep the keyword density between 1% to 2%, you can use it more on longer articles. Write a 2000 words article and use the keyphrase 10 times. The possibility is higher that the article will rank better for that keyword.

Keyword Proximity

It indicates how close the words of a keyphrase placed. More closed keyphrase get more attention from Google bots. It helps to boost search ranking. The keyword proximity will be the highest if you use the exact key phrase. It is natural that your article will be on top. But there are thousands of people who will think the same. So, Google will consider a few of the highest authority sites for the top page and ignore others. There are some people who use the synonym of keyphrase and write articles with lower proximity. They may have better chances to rank higher than those low authority sites.

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  • Use Exact Keyphrase For Low Competition


    If you think, the competition is lower for a keyword/keyphrase. Then use the Exact Keyphrase on Title, Meta, first paragraph, and Headings. It will work

  • High Competition Keyphrase: Look For Alternative

    If the search volume and competition for a keyword is higher, keep the proximity lower. And use synonyms on Title/Headings and first paragraph. Look at first page result carefully. And analyze what you need to write.

  • Use A Natural and Catchy Title


    You can use Top 10, Beginners guide, Secret Revealed, and a lot more catchy phrase. Whether you use exact keyword or, Synonym it must look natural. Write content for human readers.

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Both Keyword prominence and proximity will help you to boost your web page ranking if you can use it perfectly. Write longer articles, keep keyword density2 below 3%, use a synonymous keyphrase, keep proximity higher or, lower based on your understanding and rank better than 90% websites with less effort. Please, comment below to give your opinion.



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